The internet is full of educational content that is sometimes helpful and other times, not so much. With music, most educational videos have had little to no impact due to some misunderstanding or miscommunication between the student and the teacher. Nevertheless, we have compiled the two of the most beneficial educational courses on developing your DJing skills and taking it to the level you always wanted to reach. So here are two of the best courses to get you started on your track!

  1. Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music – MasterClass
The trance king gives one of the first legitimate masterclasses that’s compiled a total of 31 videos with 7 hours of learning time. A renowned musician who has mastered all the needed skills,  Armin Van Buuren teaches a whole range of skills, including melody, pads and leads, groove, mixing and mastering, and arrangement, and so much more.
  1. Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production – MasterClass

World renowned producer, DJ and musician Deadmau5 has collaborated with Masterclass to give his detailed course on Electronic Music Production, which takes on the basics of electronic music, dealing with beats, mixing and mastering, stage presence, and more. The course lasts about 6 hours with 23 efficient lessons.