If you are an artist, then you probably already know what Spotify Canvas is. You get to upload 3-8 second videos for each track which is a great visual branding tool. Not only that, but research has found that “high quality Spotify Canvases consistently increase several metrics:

  • track shares by an average of 145%
  • playlist adds by 20%
  • streams by 5%
  • and profile visits by 9%”

Having a Spotify Canvas doesn’t just mean more streams, it shows your audience that you are committed and serious about your work. So if you haven’t started using Canvas or just need general guidelines, we are here to help!\

Let’s get the no-no’s out of the way!

Spotify informs users to avoid mentioning the artist name, album title or track titles in the Canvas – that’s already obvious. Also don’t use flashing effects or frenetic cuts – they defeat the point of drawing the listener in. Another thing you should avoid doing is talking or singing of any kind in the video. The looping of the footage will never exactly coincide with the singing in the video and it will only drive people away.


  • Canvas allows a 9:16 aspect ratio vertical video frame similar to Instagram Reels and TikTok
  • Keep it centered: aim for the main action to take place in the center of the screen so that the users don’t miss out on anything important because of Player Controls
  • Tell a fascinating story: use the Canvases of each song within an album to tell a longer story or connect each Canvas logically in a progression!
  • Brand yourself: as an artist, you want to use consistent imagery, color scheme and tone throughout your platforms so keep it up on Canvas too
  • Have fun flirting with Canvas loops. 

You have three options in Spotify, according to DIYMUSICIAN:

  • “The Continuous Loop – ‘has the satisfying feel of a seamless looping GIF with no clear beginning or end.’
  • The Hard Cut loop – ‘has clear edit points that can be artfully disguised.’
  • The Rebound – ‘plays your clip forward and then reverses it.’”

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