The pandemic brought massive changes to the current state of the world, forcing innovations, many  of which will continue to be used in the post-pandemic reality. One of such innovations is clearly virtual events. You can learn about virtual event culture in The Toxicity of YouTube’s New Algorithm, TikTok’s Uncertain Future, Instagram Reels & Virtual Events

One of the most important virtual event phenomena is virtual concerts. They went viral and helped keep the music world spinning in 2020. With those concerts entering the scene, online ticket selling platforms also had to come up with new prices and approaches regarding online selling. One of such platforms was Ticketmaster, which after Niall Horan’s and Dua Lipa’s successful live performances described as “the success of livestream campaigns” by Live Nation company, launched a new Livestream ticketing service

The ticketing firm launched in 2020 mentioned that they have experienced an explosion in virtual ticket sales, selling over 125,000 tickets to Niall Horan’s virtual performance in the UK. The concert streamed by live-stream firm Driift had fans tuning in from more than 150 countries. The company is building its extended platform on the success they had last year with virtual concerts, claiming that “global and cohesive offering to artists for their virtual events, maximizing Ticketmaster’s expertise, marketing and reach on a worldwide scale.”

The new EVP of Global Music, David Marcus, will lead the Global Music Team in cooperating closely with Artist Services’ SVP Sam Isles to work on the ticketing platform. He stated, “The beauty of virtual shows is that we’re seeing global viewing – performances in London or LA are selling tickets to fans in New Zealand, Spain or Singapore, it’s revolutionizing the way artists can connect.” David Marcus continued, “Nothing will replace the live experience, but this represents a new form of entertainment with its own rewards, and it’s definitely something that will remain for years to come.” 

Ticketmaster already has the list of scheduled virtual concerts that you can check and buy to get the best experience of enjoying your favorite artists live. 

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