YouTube is undoubtedly one of the essential channels in the digital world. As the music industry is highly dependent on the developments and changes happening in the digital sphere, it is imperative for music marketers and independent artists to always be aware of the leading platforms’ updates. MusicPromoToday has a thorough article, 3 Essential Platforms That Changed The Music Industry & Will 10X Your Engagement in 2021, on the platforms vital for promoting music. Checking it before submerging further into YouTube’s and its algorithms’ details will help understand the bigger picture of music marketing and its trends. 

New Algorithm – New Marketing Game 

YouTube has terminated more than 8,000 channels and many more videos because of policy violations since September 2020. The majority of the channels whose creators have issues with the platform claim that they have done nothing wrong and that YouYube’s algorithm is the problem. It is crucial to understand the algorithm, which can best be achieved through thoroughly studying YouTube’s terms of service (TOS) to avoid controversial situations. It will help users continue operating safely within the system and even drive profits from a YouTube page. 

The platform had some updates, and starting your 2021 music promotion by being aware of these changes will help you save time, energy, and resources. Checking The Toxicity of YouTube’s New Algorithm, TikTok’s Uncertain Future, Instagram Reels & Virtual Events before diving deeper into these updates will help artists figure out the platform’s essentials. However, as much as it is crucial to learn all the magic that you can do with YouTube, it is first important to know what you CAN’T do. 

YouTube No, No, Nos To Avoid By Any Cost 

YouTube has a strict three-strikes policy, a set of rules that cannot be violated. Otherwise, the user will be punished by having their account shut down permanently. Creators with closed channels will no longer access the videos and the other materials they uploaded to the platform. 

Those 3 rules are: 

  1. Claiming in a YouTube video that the 2020 American presidential elections were dishonest, manipulated, or deceptive 
  2. No adult-related content in channels identifying as ‘kid-friendly’
  3. Not allowed to boost account subscribers using tactics such as sub-for-sub and free giveaways according to YouTube’s Fake Engagement Policy 

If you avoid the three points mentioned above, you will make sure your channel is safe and secure. Still, not being banned is unfortunately not enough to grow your channel. Below you can find the main tricks that will help you keep your account above water and even make money through your YouTube channel in 2021. 

Make Your Content Searchable 

Never forget that before being anything else, YouTube is a search engine, and its main function is to showcase the supply when there is demand. People search for topics, and the channel provides them the videos that correspond to the topic. Your job as a creator is to make content that has demand so that when users are searching on the platform, the algorithm makes your videos appear on their screens. All you need to do is to research topics that have high demand and create content on them. Different tools will help you with the research. 

One of them is TubeBuddy, a Free Google Chrome API which shows the exact search volume on the targeted keywords. It lets you see the competition and search volume for the keywords you search. Proper research will help you develop video ideas that have high demand and make your content searchable. 

High CTR = High Promotion

After you know the demand and provide the required supply accordingly, now it is time to make the YouTube 2021 Algorithm believe that the platform will succeed in promoting your content. The only way the algorithm will understand that your videos deserve to be pushed and shown to its users widely is to get a high CTR (Click Through Rate). The trick is that as much as your views increase precisely so does your CTR. More CTR means more views and more suggestions of your content on YouTube. 

Many factors influence users to click on your videos, the most effective of which is creating a highly clickable thumbnail. The thumbnail is the first defining factor of your video; it gives your content’s vibe and soul, so make sure it pops up and grabs attention instantly. Also, pay attention to the title. You can learn about making effective thumbnails and titles via YouTube Creator Academy.  

There Is Always More To Learn 

YouTube’s algorithm is a deep and dark ocean that can never be fully discovered and understood, especially considering it develops rapidly through AI technologies. Many details could help you succeed in promoting your music through the platform. However, in this article, we decided to share with you the basics of working with the algorithm and the easiest tricks for manipulating it. 

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