Virtual and online events are becoming more commonplace in the post-COVID-19 era as they allow a global audience with hundreds of people in different places and time zones to reach you without risking each other’s health. Yet planning and promoting virtual events require the same attention to detail as a real-life event does. If you follow specific event advertising strategies, we ensure that your online program won’t get lost in a digital shuffle.

In this article, MusicPromoToday will show you how to promote online events so that attendees sign up, tune in, and engage.

1. Create an attention-grabbing event page

The event page is the place where people will see and learn about your upcoming event. When creating an event page, to make it attention-grabbing, you can use a simple tool like Cvent Flex which will help you make your page stand out and entice people to sign up by including eye-catching graphics, professional pictures, and engaging clips from the performers.

Keep all the important information in one place by embedding all relevant videos, pictures, and other media so your fans don’t have to find it elsewhere. Finally, include all of the essential details so your event page is a one-stop-shop for information and attendee actions: 

– Time and date(s) of the event

– Performer’s bio
– Sponsor information

– Sign-up links

– Secure payment options 

2. Make the most of email marketing

In this fast-developing world of social media marketing, people forget that the old good email is still a ‘thing.’ Thus, email marketing is still an effective strategy in all areas of the business as well as in the music industry. Send out email newsletters to your mailing list and share the exciting news about upcoming events. Send out emails with new event announcements, exciting updates, and post-event wrap-ups. Just make sure you don’t spam your fans.

3. Leverage social media across platforms

There are a million ways to promote your online event through social media. Take the time to announce your virtual event and post about it on all of your band’s social media accounts.
– Facebook Events is free, easy to share, and keeps track of your RSVPs.
– Create a hashtag for your event and spread the word through a mini-tweet storm.
– Head into your forums and announce your virtual event—then invite everyone to join in.
– Share pictures and video clips with links in bio on Instagram. 

4. Make a video or vlog and show it off

Your fans love watching original video content so make them happy with a short video showcasing the event and share it on social media and video platforms like YouTube and Instagram. A two-minute video is a sweet spot for maximum engagement with fans.

Include clips of you making the music in the studio or shots from your previous live performances and share it on all of your social accounts. Try to make it fun and engaging and don’t forget to use your social media hashtag somewhere in the clip.

5. Be consistent with your promotions

It is important to keep on working on your virtual promotion strategies up to your event start. Your fan base must stay engaged and excited—or they won’t show up.

Drum up interest by:
– Offering a ‘secret giveaway’ to attendees at the end of the event. (We know it’s an online event but you can come up with some interesting ideas)
– Counting down the days/hour/minutes on your event website.
– Share related content on social, and include the event hashtag to keep it top of mind.

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