Work hours are the most time-consuming part of the day. So being able to create music that fills those hours means being heavily distributed. Everything can disturb you when working; sounds, notifications, people around who just exist, the list can go on and on. Music is proven to be a great “distraction” from those distractions. 

As decade-long research shows, music boosts productivity and enhances creativity. It even has therapeutic effects, according to Psychotherapist Merriam Saunders from the Dominican University. She claims that certain sounds, as well as the music that we love, create dopamine in our brain, and increase happiness. Dopamine is also responsible for increasing other functions such as attention, control, and planning, all of which play an essential role in keeping productive. However, different music can have different effects on productivity. 

In this article, MusicPromoToday gathered several characteristics that will make your music more suitable for work playlists. 

Gets Flowing and Poppin. If your music makes someone flow, it makes them immerse fully in what they do. Complete concentration boosts productivity immediately. Music helps time pass faster and allows it to become part of the workflow while completing tasks. 

Of course, music tastes vary, and something that can make you flow and poppin may not work the same way for others. Thus, choose your genre/genres/style and concentrate on it. If you create good music for your niche instead of trying to please everyone, it will always be appreciated by those who love what you do. Choosing mainstream genres will help with finding a wider audience ready to boost their dopamine levels through your music. 

Your music can include some elements of classical music or sounds of nature, as studies show those two are capable of boosting everyone’s productivity regardless of their genre preferences. 

Even a proven effective theory called the “Mozart Effect” claims classical music is a catalyst to productivity. You can also try Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, or Vivaldi. 

Sounds of Nature; like floating waves, pouring rain, flowing water, wind, the rustle of leaves, on the other hand, have the effect of keeping our mind calm. That way, we can concentrate easily and focus on tasks instead of procrastinating. A calm state effectively keeps people going, so consider this when making music concentrated on work playlists. 

Including music themes from cult movies such as those from Tarantino or Kusturica lift the spirit as nothing else is capable of. Popular and loved movie themes brighten up days and boost productivity. 

Experiment with video games. The experience with video games’ music is way different and more profound. The background music of games is often composed to keep players focused on the task at hand without being distracted. It does not even have lyrics, just the tune in smooth balance. 

Remember: no matter what you decide to include or not include in your music to attract work playlist luck, consider that people make their music choices in most cases, subconsciously. Make music that your fans love, and no doubt, they will hear you during work hours. 

There are too many reasons for music boosting productivity. It keeps distractions as unnoticeable as possible and helps you get energy along with productivity. 

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