Every musician and artist wants more Spotify plays and streams. Streams on Spotify, on the other hand, are not simple to come by. It takes time and planning to get your music on streaming services and into people’s ears. These are simple tips and tactics to help you increase your Spotify streams, get more followers, and receive more plays.

Catalog Consistency

Most artists sit on songs and only release several or in a lot of cases one record per year.  It is in your best interest to upload all of your tracks to Spotify since prospective listeners will be ready to listen to more of your music if you have that one record that stands out. When there is only one song on the platform, it is quite simple for listeners to lose interest. Furthermore, the more recordings you release, the more likely you are to appear on larger playlists.

Make It Pop From The Start

You should make your music flow nicely, but don’t waste time in the first 15–30 seconds. Don’t spend energy warming up new listeners; get right into it! This is particularly the case when submitting your music to companies and playlist editors.

The Shorter The Better

Are songs getting shorter?  Some are, although they are mostly in the Hip-Hop and Pop genres. You don’t have to compress a 6-minute masterpiece to 1:30 if you’re an instrumentalist. If you’re a Hip-Hop artist and you’re still releasing songs that are more than four minutes long, you should reconsider your method. Furthermore, for a Hip-Hop artist, the shorter the song, the less writing, and production required, allowing you to pump out more tracks.

Use The “Splice” Method

Create a music video that is 60% of the length of your song and publish it on YouTube. Overlay the video with the caption “Listen to the complete song on Spotify” and include a Spotify link in the video description. The same video can be used across many social platforms; suggested video durations are as follows. Twitter takes 20 seconds, Facebook takes 30 seconds, and Instagram takes 15 seconds.

Cover Art

When we were youngsters, album covers were one of the most important criteria in determining whether or not to buy a new CD. It now appears to be the most ignored component of a successful launch. Intriguing artwork will not only attract prospective listeners but will also increase your chances of being picked up by playlists. The better your artwork, the more you appear to be an established artist.

Summing Things Up

Music streaming is changing the music industry. Spotify is one of the biggest platforms to share your music with the globe and increase your fan base. However, success will be difficult to achieve. It’s essential to be proactive, create quality music, and interact with your fans.

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