It’s a known fact that most people are afraid of public speaking or singing in front of a crowd more than anything, but we have a few solutions that can help you get through performance and do well while at it. In order to get a great performance, the musician needs to complete the following three steps in order to have a decent show for the audience. 

Confidence In Your Musical Skills

The most important thing about any kind of performance is to be or look confident when on stage. It’s very easy for the audience to detect discomfort from their performer, which leads them to not trust the artists on stage and have a bad show.

Soundcheck & Rehearsal

Don’t be one of those cheesy artists who don’t even bother to do a sound check or a rehearsal, because they want to “keep it natural, man.” That doesn’t work with live performances, especially when you have big monitors and different setups. The engineer has to know the range and everything so that they can adjust them for the best possible performance.

Consider The Audience

Oftentimes musicians forget about the audience and just try to perform their songs to their best abilities. It’s more important to consider what the audience wants and what your songs are serving than getting your songs perfectly. You have to feel their energy and try and contribute with your music by making them dance, sing, cry, laugh, whatever it takes to make them feel like their ticket was a bargain.