Behind every thriving artist is a skilled and active manager. Artist management in the music industry is a rather challenging costume to dawn on. The industry is packed with fast-paced rollovers and intensifying energy that can sometimes be overwhelming.

This is why an artist manager must be someone who truly loves music and aspires to contribute to an artist’s career.

What Is an Artist Manager?

​​An artist manager is the expert agent for a musician or band. Managers assist in growing an artist’s career and ultimately get producers and label executives to notice their music. They are also representatives that hand in contract negotiations and tours.

The Main Skills

Manager, representative, advisor, or publicist, whatever the label may be, dealing in the music industry successfully will require some serious skills. Music management can be interpreted in several various directions, all sharing a common skills toolset.

These skills will help you and your musician strive through your respective careers.

Organization Is Key

Management and organization go hand in hand, regardless of the industry. Music managers are responsible for boosting someone else’s career. That means they have to have a plan, budgets, schedules, strategies, and steps set up to efficiently delegate.

There are several tools to help managers stay on top of their client’s needs such as Asana, Google Docs, spreadsheets, and more.

​​Stress And Time Management Can Go A Long Way

Stress management goes a long way in an environment as hectic as the music industry. To be an efficient manager, you have to adapt, replan, and modify to the sudden changes that may occur. Additionally, you will have to keep your artist in the loop at all times to avoid sudden induced stress.

Keep in mind that your client has hired you to keep things straight and flowing, this managing your time and theirs is an important component to the process.

Empathy & Good Vibes

Empathy is key in every situation that you may come across, and this is especially true for musicians. The industry is very overpowering and sometimes people tend to crack under pressure. This is where empathetic managers can make the most of this situation. Make sure that your artist and producers feel heard and understood.

That said, you will also need to set clear boundaries to get things done efficiently. In order to become a good manager, you will have to constantly uncover a balance between being understanding and viciously effective.

Relationship Building Is An Important Pillar

This is true of any job that requires communication and strong verbal suits. Artists in this day and age, as with the past, are looking to keep their material floating on top. This means that you will have to strike up with many producers and labels to get their stuff across. In order to do this, you will have to preside over some serious relationship-building techniques to effectively keep your artist in high demand.

A manager’s list of contacts must be long and encompass everything from outsourcing to calling on favors. 

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