Digital media use is always on the contant rise. After the sudden shock of the 2020 pandemic, digital media has definitely become a hook. With that, Sony’s distribution channel, The Orchard, is seizing the moment with this new truth by stating that it will be partnering with Integral Studio to better recognize, improve, cultivate and nurture global acts.

Since its launch, Integral Studio has fueled the demand for design shifts in the music industry. The organization of inventive technologists has created direct-to-fan solutions that allow artists to engage, examine and monetize audiences intelligently.

​​Integral’s in-house analytics and promoting software, referred to as “Symphony,” controls and measures the artist campaigns by encouraging creators to practice marketing activity, as well as, to present insight. Symphony allows the Integral a&r and team to concentrate on artist growth and productivity. Known as a CRM for creators, Symphony smoothes out the digital fan growth process.

According to Chuka Chase, cofounder and CEO of Integral Studio, “The present and future of music is audience data and understanding how to leverage it for optimum results. The Symphony dashboard is like a pilot’s cockpit or command center to all things on the web pertaining to a specific artist or brand. It’s one thing to have eagle-eye level monitoring but the next step is being able to act on the data within the same workflow, that’s what Symphony is.”

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