As time passes and social media continues to consume our lives, the number of platforms on which everyone must be searchable grows. This is especially true for artists and those attempting to promote themselves, and if you want to impress individuals in the business, such as Bookers, brands, and even record labels, you’ll need some solid figures and actual interaction.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…the list is endless, and it’s up to you to determine where to focus your efforts. Building a following on one site, let alone a half-dozen or more, is difficult, but it’s something you should do as a professional musician.

Building your brand as a personality, rather than simply a musician, is critical, and the more you can master cross-promotion on social media, the better you’ll seem, which will genuinely assist you in the long term.

Actually, Say It

There’s no such thing as a bad question, and you never know what others will do for you unless you ask. Tweet messages encouraging your followers to follow you on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. Get the word out that you’re posting, and you’d love for your followers to join you there. It’s understandable that not everyone will go out of their way to discover you on every app. You will reach superfans numerous times each day in various locations, and if you continue to promote the other sites, your overall reach may increase over time.

Keep in mind that this might come out as pleading for followers, so proceed with caution. Only ask once in a while, and try to come up with a pleasant and engaging manner to do so. If your profiles become nothing more than you selling and trying to increase your statistics, you will begin to lose fans and followers.

Share News In Different Places

While press releases and meetings are wonderful for big announcements like a new album or impending tour, anything else should be shared on music social media.

In fact, people like it when you notify them of any new information, and you can spread these announcements out and post them on other platforms to ensure that you’re providing people a reason to follow you in many locations.

People will miss the news if they aren’t already following you on a certain page, but if you continue to publish news on several platforms and announce that you’re doing it elsewhere, many people will catch on.

Connect Them!

Connecting all of your social media accounts is a fantastic idea, and it’s actually rather simple. In fact, you’ve probably already done so on occasion, so consider this item a reminder to keep doing so. You may also wish to make cross-platform sharing automatic at times.

Why not share the same image or tiny bit of textual information across many platforms at the same time? It helps populate your website, and although it may not be the most efficient technique to attract people to visit and follow you elsewhere, it definitely isn’t a bad thing.


As individuals seek additional content to publish on their different social media accounts, screenshotting something that has already been posted on one platform and sharing it on another has become a rising trend and one that can be extremely well received if done correctly.

This is vital information, and you’ll want to get it out there. It’ll also capture people’s eyes as they stop to read words, even if they’re within an image.

Don’t use this method too frequently, as it appears to lose efficacy with those who do it all the time. Also, attempt to alternate between posts with important information for your following and ones with a lighter tone.