We all want a fair judgment for musicians in that the most talented people get to sit at the very top. However, that’s not the case with the music industry, or any other industry for that matter. Most of it depends on who you know that can get you to the places you truly want to be and the best way to achieve that is through networking. 

There are many ways of networking and making friends in the industry and the most relevant one in recent times is of course online networking. One way an artist can start networking is to follow fellow starting musicians from similar areas who have similar tastes in music. By supporting other struggling artists can pay off later in your career as you never know where that relationship can lead to. 

Another way is to join online groups for better attraction for your music and offer yourself to others when they need it. This often leads to collaborations, gigs, opening up for bigger artists and eventually getting enough eyes on your work that it blows off. Networking is key for any artist’s journey to success because we as humans are very social and our positive social behaviors can be received as tokens for others to trust us and help your career move forward.