You put forth a lot of effort on your record because you want your followers to hear it. But how can you get your music in front of the people who would love it the most? The solution is a well-thought-out marketing strategy with an adequate timeline that sets your music and marketing in your control.

Plan The Printing

When looking for album pressing factories, contact a few different companies to ensure you receive the cheapest pricing and that their timetable estimations work for you. Read reviews and ask friends about their experiences with various service providers.

Create Promotional Assets

Contact photographers, videographers, and designers to obtain the materials you’ll need for your album’s marketing. You should begin planning your first two music videos, photoshoots for public relations, print and digital magazine advertisements, and social media advertisements.

Get PR Started

Make a list of ideal magazines, journalists, bloggers, radio stations, podcasts, Spotify playlists, and blogs that have recently covered you or comparable bands, as well as wherever else you believe your music might be a good fit.

Announce The Album’s Release Date

Encourage fans to buy early by giving exclusive merch bundles and special rewards for those who buy early, such as signatures, customized messages, or limited edition goods.

Finalize Your Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Your EPK will be distributed to journalists and other press contacts. It should include the following:

  • Photos from professional photoshoots
  • An album streaming link and download link
  • A link to your music’s instrumental versions
  • A full bio and album liner notes
  • Links to published and unpublished videos
  • Contact information
  • A form to request a physical copy of the record
  • Previous press clips

Start The Countdown On Your Socials

You should start posting on social media on a constant schedule, with subtle reminders to purchase your album. For instance, BTS scenes, photos of merch, live videos of you discussing the album procedure. 

Keep The Social Momentum Going

You don’t need a huge ad budget to get your audience excited about media platforms. Throughout the lead-up to your album’s release, do daily giveaways for test pressings, smaller merch items, Zoom talks, and tour tickets. After all, freebies generate a lot of social interaction, and more involvement equals a greater reach.

Enjoy The Moment

Now is the moment to be proud of yourself and what you’ve accomplished, as well as to have fun! It’s fine if you didn’t fulfill your pre-sale targets or if your release show didn’t totally sell out. You can put in more effort next time to accomplish such changes. This week, though, remember to live in the now.

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