Regularly releasing singles is vital for keeping fans interested. However, first, you need to promote those singles for them to reach your audience. You can check our TOP 5 Music Marketing Trends in 2020 You Shouldn’t Miss to understand the latest music promotion trends. Lyric videos are a top trick for promoting new releases and attracting new audiences. They are a great type of social media content, as they create engagement and do not require a big budget, and are fairly easy to make while also giving space for being creative. 

In this article, MusicPromoToday will share with you the most useful secrets to making good quality lyric videos for promoting your new single. 

1.Research and Brainstorm

Brainstorming ideas beforehand is always a great idea.To get more information on its importance, you can read What is brainstorming? And why is it important? As in any other sphere, you can’t just start working on something without having the general idea of what has to be done and its basic structure. Brainstorming helps with that. You need to understand the song’s concept to create a lyric video that fits its mood. 

Doing a bit of research as part of brainstorming is vital for its success. Try to find songs with the same vibe, a similar concept, and look at their lyric videos. You’ll get many ideas from them that can serve as inspiration for your own video. Sometimes, after long research and brainstorming sessions, you may get back to your initial idea. Still, having options to choose from is essential for being sure of your final decision. 

2. Do Not Hesitate to Use Stock videos and Images

After identifying the concept, your mission is to find visuals to make ideas a reality. To male it easier, you can start by searching keywords expressing your vision of the video. From sites like Pexels and Unsplash, you can find free stock videos and photos excellently fitting into your lyric video format. They will help you create an emotional narrative for the song. 

If your budget allows, you can also buy stock videos and photos. In this case, your choices will be more diverse. 

On the other hand, if you need paid visuals that you can’t afford, you always have the option of shooting material yourself. Take the camera, or if you don’t know how to use it, ask a friend who does and shoot the visuals you need: skies, streets, slow motion crowds or the opposite, waves, winds playing with trees. The camera option will also give you the creative freedom you’ll never have, either with free or paid internet materials. So consider it if you have time or the nerve to experiment. 

3. Choose the Software and Practice It 

To be able to create videos, you need to know at least the basics of editing. The good news is that lyric videos do not require advanced editing techniques, and learning just the very basics of your software is enough. 

Software choice is essential. Each video type has the appropriate software for it. If editing more advanced video material, it will be better to use Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects, depending on the video’s style. However, using those softwares for lyric videos will be too much. Making a lyric video with a simpler software like iMovie, for instance, will take around 2-3 hours. 

Note for special cases with languages other than English: consider using the subtitle feature on YouTube, and stay within your linguistic comfort zone. 

Making lyric videos is not complicated; it is easy and fun. As for the musicians, it helps them also think visually about the music they create and makes background for more audiovisual oriented experiences. 

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