TIDAL is known for being artist-oriented. It was the first major platform to offer CD-quality audio as well as paying the highest rates to the artist. TIDAL has recently announced several new features that will come in handy for artists and subscribers alike. “The biggest news for artists who have distributed music to TIDAL is the new Direct Artist Payouts Program,” said Greg Majewski in his article

So what is this program? With it, TIDAL decided to “pay up to 10% of a HiFi Plus listener’s monthly subscription fee to the most-streamed artist on that listener’s account each month in addition to any revenue the artist earns for streams.”

To put it simpler, if at the end of the month any TIDAL HiFi Plus subscribers have streamed a particular artist’s songs the most out of all their other streamed artists, TIDAL will pay this one artist up to 10% of the fee “that subscriber pays for their HiFi Plus membership”. This looks like a new and fun rewarding system for fans that are really into your music which is another reason to learn proper marketing and build a loyal following. Good luck!

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