Integrated Partnership Between Distrokid And Audiomack “so you can now distribute directly to Audiomack from DK.”

The independent music distributor Distrokid has teamed up with the music streaming and audio distribution platform Audiomack to publish their work from Distrokid to Audiomack directly. 

The new partnership will let Distrokid members connect their profiles to Audiomack and directly post their work on Audiomack. 

Now you might be wondering, what is Audiomack? Despite thinking it is a new platform, Audiomack was founded in 2012, and it is home to more than 17 million monthly active users. It is most famous in the African market, especially after the contract between Warner Music and Audiomack in late 2020. 

“At Audiomack, we have built a reputation as an ally to emerging music creators and superstars alike,” said Audiomack CMO and Co-Founder David Ponte. “DistroKid releases an enormous amount of new music from emerging artists, so we are thrilled to be able to work with them to make it easier than ever for artists to be on Audiomack and utilize powerful free tools like our creator dashboard.

“Audiomack has become an influential platform for artists and music creators all over the world,” said DistroKid founder Philip Kaplan. “We are excited to make it super easy for the millions of artists who rely on DistroKid to connect with Audiomack seamlessly in a powerful & convenient way.”

Some Handful Tips:

If you are kicking off your music journey, then Audiomack could be your go-to platform, especially if your work features Latin, Hip-hop, Electronic, Dancehall, Reggae, or R&B genres.

The platform is rapidly growing its fanbase; thus, you must jump on the truck quickly before it gets too crowded. 

If you are not sure what Distrokid is, it is a music distribution platform with an easy user interface. Whoever wants to use the platform can choose a plan out of three plans and pay yearly. The platform made the headline because of its customized plans:

musician, musician plus, and label

The musician plan is the most famous among them as it lets artists post their work and choose the date of the release. 

It is reported that Distrokid distributes more than one-third of the newly released songs around the globe. Moreover, now with this recent news, it takes a click of a button for DistroKid users to publish their songs to their profile on Audiomack. 

To know how to set up your profile and benefit from the recent feature, click here to watch a quick tutorial. 

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