After the surging popularity of TikTok, Instagram is looking to evolve their features based on popular demand. The feature is adding Reels into stories creating a montage option when putting up a story, says Social Media Today. Users are very much excited for the upcoming feature, as Instagram has always adapted to the market’s needs developing their apps as often as possible.

Adding Reels to your story will be very easy as there will be a selection of frames that are available for users to choose from before launching their story. As an important attribute of Reels, Instagram will also just suggest adding music on. The ever-growing music collection of Instagram will be a helpful tool for making great Reels. 

An exciting feature that is easy to operate, Montage in stories will change Instagram’s outlook for the better, and with trends increasing via Reels, Instagram will make sure those contents will be available to its daily users. 

The best way Instagram will be promoting this new feature is by making it easier for users to share Reels from their feed and other social media account’s stories. They’ve already made adjustments to the sharing option, preparing for the Montage Story feature. It will create a beneficial and interactive way for users to either enjoy their beloved feature or those who get to experience it for the first time. 

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