In the modern age, artists have been bombarded with countless internet based tools to help their careers move forward. With the booming effect of social media, musicians have been able to create an almost direct-like communication with their fans with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more. However, we believe that using Discord for starting or even established artists is an opportunity you cannot miss. 

Discord is a chatting platform that allows users to text written words, audio messages and pictures with individuals or groups of people. The group feature is prodminitaly used by people who have a common interest, job or even class. Varying between investing groups to fandoms, the latter is used by entertainers and artists to connect with their fans more directly than any other platform allows. 

Artists create groups dedicated to their musical careers and invite their fans through social media to participate in the group’s conversations. This beneficial communication tool will create a loyal fan base who will directly communicate with the artist and fellow fans, allowing them to connect on a whole new level. Having direct engagement with fans will also boost the idea of marketing by word of mouth, where fans will be more encouraged to share your music to their friends and family.