You most certainly already have a “link in bio” that sends your Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok audience to… somewhere else. The very least is to include your website URL in your social bio. Hopefully, you’re aggregating many connections and features using a decent “link in bio” function.

Why? Your social bio is valuable real estate. That single link must perform some hefty lifting.

Your Link In Bio Should:

Convey your musical brand

Assist fans quickly finding songs and videos

Capture audience attention

Impress industry professionals

and much more…

In other words, your “link in bio” should function as a smart EPK that assists you in growing your fans and impressing tastemakers.

The New EPK For Musicians

EPKs are essential marketing tools that include everything the music business needs to know about you as an artist, such as press coverage, past performances, and connections to your music and social media.

EPK provides interested parties with a more engaging and personalized experience that is linked to your brand. Viewers may rapidly browse through your portfolio and decide because they don’t have to leave the link in your bio to access the material. In-bio link EPKs also allow musicians to exhibit their relationships with listeners and monetize their music, both of which serve as selling factors in the music industry.

The 8 Elements Of An Effective EPK

What do you need in a modern EPK to effectively explain who you are to your target audience? Here are some of the most key facts to put in your EPK:

#1 A Strong Bio

This part should define your musical style, where you’re from, highlight accomplishments and milestones, and entice the reader with anecdotes about your problems, goals, and dreams. Keep it short and sweet, no more than three paragraphs, and send it with your EPK.

#2 Links To Your Music

Music is a major aspect of your EPK, so ensure to feature it prominently in your powerful link in bio! Playlists may be immediately embedded using the Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud embed mini-apps.

#3 Press Features

Testimonials from news outlets can help you land employment and future publicity. The Media Wall enables you to organize your favorite features in a customizable order and description, and it can be set up in minutes. Don’t be afraid to highlight your biggest accomplishments! To obtain opportunities, you must demonstrate that you have a solid track record.

#4 Social Media

Social media is an important aspect of growing a devoted following. Professionals in your industry will want to see how you’re promoting yourself online, so include TikTok Embed, Instagram Embed, Twitter Embed, and Facebook Embed in your link in bio to emphasize key postings.

#5 Tour & Event Schedule

Keeping your EPK up to date using Event Calendar will eliminate questions before they arise. They’ll also be able to forecast your draw based on the size of the rooms you’re playing in. Your fans will appreciate the Event Calendar just as much! Maintain an up-to-date list of meets and tour dates in your link in bio so that your audience can discover you.

#6 High-Quality Photos

High-quality images do more than only show who you are as an artist. They are also required for presenting you for reservations and promoting you on social media. You may use Instagram Embed to immediately embed your best posts.

#7 Performance Videos

Hosting music videos and footage from previous performances is essential for getting gigs and gaining followers. With YouTube Embed, Twitch Embed, and Vimeo Embed, you can embed video material straight into your EPK.

#8 Contact Info

By taking a brief look at your EPK, make sure visitors can figure out how to reach you. This may be accomplished by direct messaging on Premium Inbox, meeting scheduling on Calendy, or email collection via Email Collection.