Regardless of what genre you are attracted to, we all love jamming to some ‘good’ music, and it is nearly impossible to imagine a day without a melody. That being said, there are several streaming platforms, each with offering unique features. 

For starters, what is SoundCloud, and what makes it so popular?

Soundcloud is a platform aimed at providing a hub for aspiring artists from all around the world. There are two types of users: those who use it just for listening to some good tune known as passive listeners, and those who upload music, a.k.a. the artists. The platform gives you absolute freedom on what sort of music to post. It even lets you post up to 180 minutes for free.

Let us jump in and start exploring the hidden cool facts about this platform:

1. It all started with students: 

Believe it or not, the 500 million dollar company started with two students studying at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlfors, the founders of the platform, shortly relocated the company to Berlin, Germany, in 2008. Back then, the company had around 25,000 users.

2. One of the fastest-growing platforms:

To put it into perspective, it started with 25,000 users, and in 2019 it was reported to have more than 275 million users. In less than a decade, the company’s revenue hoped by 80%, landing at $102 million.  

3. A perfect arena for undiscovered artists: 

The platform gives a prospect for undiscovered artists to showcase their talents and build a strong fanbase. Several leading artists that are now famous started their music careers on SoundCloud and quickly climbed up the ladder. Post Malone, Kygo, and Kehlani are some of the artists that carved their path towards success using SoundCloud. 

4. Podcasts are included in the game as well:

SoundCloud is not primarily known for podcasts, but without a doubt, you could try it out and find many podcasts. Since the platform is an interactive one, you will instantly get feedback from the audience. That in turn, will help you to better design and execute your future work. Also, your content has a greater chance of going viral, organically speaking, mainly because people can easily like, comment, and share.

5. Boost your tracks:

The platform provides you with stats and insights to better assess your performance, which helps you target the right audience. To do so, you have to start by deciding what budget you are planning on spending and by doing so, you will have an estimate about the promotion’s impact.

Good music is highly subjective as each of us has different definitions of what good music is, hence, this platform is a free space where you get to post whatever genre of music you want with 0 judgment. Soundcloud allows artists to get the chance to amplify their skills and eventually jump to the next level of their career.

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