I am 100% sure that if not all of your favorite artists, probably a substantial number of them have at least once launched a live stream, especially while quarantining, right? And you are probably wondering what is the big fuss around live streams. Well, according to IMPACT, videos have massive marketing potentials. They can generate up to 1200% more engagement than other mediums like the ones that feature pictures alone.

The beauty of live streams is that it can nurture the relationship between fans and artists because it involves no editing, and it appears to be more authentic than the staged ones.

As a matter of fact, it is inconsequential if you are a rising artist or a star with an established and solid fan base; both groups should design a map-out before delivering any live stream. This map out includes pre-planning, executing strategy, last call, and follow-up. 

Before releasing any bit of information to the public, it is crucial to answering the following questions: 

  • Who to target: age, location, background, etc.
  • Date/ time: You have the right to pick the date and the time that would suit your schedule, but it is important to watch out and see if there are any major events taking place at the same time as yours.  
  • Price of the ticket
  • Desired number of attendees
  • The objective of the live stream: ask yourself, are you doing a live stream to increase the number of your streams? Is it to know your fans better? Is it an introductory meeting about you and the art that you do?
  • Your advertising budget: the budget will also determine the method of advertisement. For instance, if your fans are between 18-25 and you have a tight budget, then you should invest in one platform (Instagram or TikTok). It is not ideal to choose radio advertising as a plan, for example, since it is costly and not relevant in your case.
  • Include powerful words and phrases: SEO-related keywords are pivotal so that people can find you faster and easier. Also, include call-to-action phrases in your posts: for example, be sure to register, join now, benefit from a 1-month trial, do not miss out, etc.

These are preliminary planning steps every artist is required taking regardless of his/her popularity.

Your primary attention should be on planning an enchanting and engaging live stream event. Although we mentioned above that live streams require no staging and rehearsals, you certainly can’t just jump to the room and pitch in. You have to have a clear idea of what you will be discussing and how you will keep the audience entertained. 

Before and after the live stream, make sure to post and broadcast the live stream on almost every social media presence that you have because it will drive more audience to your live stream. 

Hang on! we are still not done. Always remember to create retargeting ads for those who have previously signed up for your live stream. You should never sit back and relax after broadcasting the live stream. Be sure to create retargeting ads to stay in touch with your audience, either by email or messages, and let them know about your latest release and plans. 

Also, note that you should keep learning from your previously made mistakes and avoid repeating them. The live streams could also help you generate some content like posting infographics about the live streams, trimming the live streaming into smaller parts on TikTok and IGTV, and even creating a blog post. 

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Happy learning!