With the Live Radio feature, now you can get your friends on board or even strangers to a jam session and have a conversation while listening to tracks. 

The first Arab streaming platform and digital distributor, Anghami, has recently launched a new feature called ‘Live Radio,’ which blends socialization with music streaming, ultimately improving the user experience. 

The feature is now available for iOS and Android users, where you get notified about a possible live radio room. After joining the room, you can see the participants, chat in the comment section, send claps, and even invite another person to the room. Additionally, whoever joins the room can still view the previous chats. The feature will not only help aspiring DJs to have their first hands-on experience with fueling up the room, but artists can also cooperate with random users to feature their songs in the room. 

This feature alone is merging the services provided by social networking platforms with the streaming services that will become a thing among Gen Z’s, as they are known for their love of multi-tasking. The Co-founder and the chairperson of the company, Elie Habib, has commented on the latest feature, saying that it has a “social element” and has been in their plans since the early days.

It is worth noting that back in 2017, Anghami fused the idea of stories to its platform. Meaning, everyone has a story that is technically an overview of the songs that have streamed in the last 24 hours, and whoever does not feel comfortable sharing its stories can go private. 

Anghami, the leading streaming platform in the Arab world, which has over 55+ million monthly users, reshapes the streaming industry with this feature. Mainly because mingling with others is what makes the gig a cool one. Voilà, from now on, you can crawl into bed while partying, and socializing with people. 

A big round of applause for the company for picking up the correct time to launch this feature. People worldwide are still struggling with the lockdown and looking for human-to-human interaction, it’s a shot to shoot. 

Check out the feature here

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