It has almost been a year since the introduction of YouTube Shorts and it looks like people are loving the feature. This is even more useful for artists, singers and musicians who want to make their music known. The real potential of YouTube Shorts is to give your audience a taste of what your art is all about. We have put together a short guide to help you promote your music on YouTube Shorts. Enjoy the read!

Think TikTok – the booming platform only uses short form content and is highly successful So what can you learn from that?

  • Keep it fun: The addictiveness of the short videos is in its light mood that’s transmitted to the viewer. Consider including something funny and try using the hook or the most expressive part of your song/music for the 15-second video. That way people will be inspired to create their own video with your music. 
  • Think visual: You are a trend-setter so use the power of images and colors to create something extraordinary. Maybe you choose to lip sync to someone else’s song wearing a neon hat and funky sunglasses. Whatever you do, consider the video as a whole image, music and content all together.
  • Be active: The speed of YouTube Shorts means you can create many of them and very quickly. Use all of your songs, don’t just focus on your latest release. Post often, post new content and engage your audience!

For more guidance on creating YouTube Shorts, here is YouTube’s article for your review. 

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