When it comes to uploading music, contemporary artists think first about the popular streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and even Soundcloud as the huts for their artistic expressions to be seen and heard. However, there’s a big market on YouTube as the video platform is often the number one choice for listening to music for a lot of people. 

YouTube is known for its video content and is the leading platform for it. But, many people often use it to listen to music as they either can’t afford streaming services or are settling for the easy usability of YouTube. That is why we believe that there is a big market for artists to focus on uploading their music on YouTube, regardless if it doesn’t have a music video.

One way to get better viewing on YouTube is to make a lyrical music video if a real one is unreachable. They are easy to make and can have visual entertainment for the viewers. Another way is to build a social media presence on YouTube by doing interactive videos like Q&A, vlogs and other kinds of videos to establish some form of connection with their audience, which boosts their channels and makes their music pop when uploaded.