Songwriting requires talent, but it is not limited to that. Like any other job, it demands dedication and has tips and tricks that can be useful. We decided to share some of them with you, to help you make your songwriting process more professional and comfortable. 

1. Say NO to Perfectionism 

Create a lot and free. Do not sit down and try to craft the perfect song for hours in a row. It will kill your vibe. Write down every piece that comes to your mind and give it a chance to exist instead of wasting all your time on one song. Thanks to diverse experiments and creative freedom, you’ll develop your brain’s creative part instead of analytical. Music is about pouring your heart out; it has to touch the soul; analytical thinking has nothing to do with that. 

Famous English singer/songwriter Sting once said that he finds it harder to write great songs now that he has become more analytical with music; consider this when you start to analyze yourself during the creative process. 

2.Feedbacks Matter

Developing a feedback culture is the key to success. Sometimes it can be hard to accept feedback, especially regarding something that you put your heart in. Depending on how much you care about your work and how deep it is to your heart, accepting that it may be trash will be more challenging. Change your mindset and be open to criticism. Let people feel comfortable to share their thoughts and be honest. It doesn’t mean that any feedback they give is the absolute truth, but they are still valid. At least hear the feedback, discuss and analyze it, even if you eventually end up ignoring it. That way, you’ll start figuring out what works and what doesn’t. 

3. Keep It Simple 

You hear your song over and over as the creative process develops; your audience, on the other hand, listens to it once before deciding if they would like to hear it again. Songs with basic structures and more hooks stay with the listener.  Even great songwriters admit that they like simpler songs. However, it is usually harder to write or keep a song simple during the process, as while writing, you always want to make it better and complicate it. 

Keep in mind that complicated does not mean better. 

4. Take Your Breaks

Working for long hours non stop will not always lead to success but also lead to depression, introverted expressions, and destroy the vibe. To avoid that trip down the rabbit hole and survive the creative mess in your head and life, all you need is taking proper breaks. 

Taking breaks will help you have fresh ears and attitude toward the song. 

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