Discord is a messaging app used by numerous brands. So it comes as no surprise that TikTok, a billion-user app, is now joining the fun. 

TikTok teased the news on Twitter, confirming later on that it was making a Discord server. “Now, on TikTok’s brand new Discord, you can chat with strangers about… whatever you’d want to talk to a bunch of TikTokers about. Maybe the best way to make Emily Mariko’s viral salmon recipe?” TechCrunch reports.

Here is TikTok’s welcome message in the Discord channel: “This server’s made for you, some of its comments are spicy, and your parents have no idea what it is.”

To discourage spam, Discord included rules like no NSFW content and no buying crypto and uses a “slowmode” feature which allows users to send a message only every 30 seconds. 

In their article, TechCrunch reported that as of right now, “the conversation channels on the TikTok Discord are relatively ordinary, except for some light trolling. There are chats for introducing yourself, sharing your TikToks, TikTok support, server feedback, TikTok sounds, and more. There’s even a “game room,” indicating TikTok’s growing interest in gaming — right now, the platform is testing a desktop streaming software called TikTok Live Studio.”Make sure to follow MusicPromoToday’s blog and Instagram for the most credible news and industry-related updates.