Music is a form of art, a cultural activity expressed via sound; besides, music has become a significant part of our daily lives. With different music genres growing to be loved by billions of people worldwide, it has also become a way to express all kinds of emotions. What will music turn into when it is mixed with technology, or more precisely, with artificial intelligence

This article presents ways to implement AI in the music industry and its impact on music’s functionality.

Music Suggestions Based On Your Likes And Taste

Isn’t it wonderful how humanity evolved during this recent decade as regards to music? First, there were vinyl disks, cassettes, floppy disks, compact disks, and even flash drivers with 512 MB memory capacity. Fast forward 10 years later, and all of a sudden, everything is online. We no longer consume materials to distribute music. We can stream whatever song we wish to listen to anywhere and anytime we want. All we need is a stable internet connection, a smartphone, and a great innovative platform to stream all kinds of music.

With the help of technology, we can get personalized recommendations for the music we listen to. For those who are not aware of how it all takes place, we have one word for you- AI. AI presents relevant recommendations because big data is collected on behavioral cues shown by you to these streaming platforms.

More Insights

A thousand units of new music is released each day. Each user engages differently towards each song; that is why those platforms (at least some of them) include music charts that rank each song by popularity and how the audience has received it.

Those insights are not being calculated by humans, of course. The sophisticated AI comes in, gathers all your preferences without a single human click, and without these insights, it could have been an eternal mess.

AI ranks songs and keeps everything updated automatically and in a pre-programmed manner. If the popularity of a song changes or new music is released and surpluses the chart-toppers, AI takes the lead in changing it and adjusting everything accordingly.

AI Helps Musicians

AI provides information that can prove beneficial in making it to the top of the charts and getting recognition. Using the collected data of a popular song, how long it has been on the top charts, how the audience reacted to it, and other essential insights help artists measure the success of their music or a particular campaign. With this information, musicians can create at least one or two pieces that will be crowd-pleasers and eventually identify the perfect song that deserves the time, effort, and expenses for a music video.

AI Reduces Production Costs

Believe it or not, but it does. Mastering music can be a little bit expensive for artists, especially for artists who are just starting. Developers have successfully worked on creating mastering algorithms. With these algorithms’ help, artists can now be relieved while their song is in the process of producing. The mastering of a fully automated song is an excellent option for both parties – the musicians and the producers. 

No More Hiding

With the daily releases of new music by rising artists, millions of highly talented musicians worldwide are hiding in the shadows of the stars. They are not able to get the recognition they deserve. 

These songs will then be suggested to the streamers and eventually get to the music industry as well. Hence the audience will have the opportunity to discover a new artist and expose them to fame and success.

There are still more unique features that AI has to reveal to the music industry, such as algorithms that will produce an entire song from scratch. However, until then, users will continue using AI and machine learning algorithms in the aforementioned ways.

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