Imagine re-living 2020 all over again, but without having a chance to get distracted with live streams, TikTok songs, or even home performances of your favorite celebrities.

When governments globally announced the seriousness of the virus urging citizens to abide by quarantining and social distancing, celebrities along with health care workers were on the front line refusing to sit back and relax. 

Besides proving that people without leisure activities would certainly lose their sanity, the industry also saw an increase in profit due to a booming increase in consumers. During the dire times, the entertainment industry continued to expand its horizons by constantly pumping life into the scene. This included utilizing Instagram reels, creating TikTok hacks and challenges, producing informative podcasts, arranging meet and greets, holding live concerts, and even creating playlists for literally every occasion (this mainly goes for Spotify for having a countless number of playlists).

Life under quarantine took a whole new structure and form, where concerts were replaced by live streams, cinemas were replaced with Netflix, and TikTok has become the injector of our daily dose of dopamine.

We could talk for hours and hours about the way TikTok won the game, as it armed several creators worldwide to cement their career, eventually reaching the international arena. This includes Dixie D’Amelio, Lil Nas X, and Loren Gray, among many others. The platform also proved to be a dynamic platform for marketing, mainly music marketing. 

A study showed that listening to music while quarantining has helped people to better cope with the pandemic. 

The Weeknd, Harry Styles, Frank Ocean, and Dua Lipa gained momentum among U.S. students. Although the results did change from one person to the other, what the majority had in common was that they were all streaming the “Blinding Lights” hitmaker’s album “After Hours” which was out on March 20, the pick of the pandemic.

The chief executive of Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), Mr. Kim Bayley, has added that: “The entertainment market was already growing without coronavirus, but with much of the leisure sector shuttered due to lockdown, music, video, and games were in the right place at the right time.” 

In 2020, gaming skyrocketed in sales, followed by videos and music. So if you are a rising artist or you have the passion but not sure where to start from. Then simply hire a marketing company, have a team that you trust and believe in, see what kind of songs you want to create, and you are all set!

We owe it to the singers, songwriters, actors and actresses, TV hosts, producers, and everyone who sacrificed their safety to make us feel a bit better.

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