About SoundCloud 

Founded in 2007, SoundCloud is the world’s largest open audio platform, giving rise to a community of curators, listeners, and artists. The platform allows users to share, promote and upload audio. The platform is offered in both paid and free memberships, available for both mobile and desktop devices. SoundCloud’s influence over the industry is undoubtedly considerable in magnitude, with various artists using the service to either advance or launch their careers. The platform has received support from multiple investors and other platforms such as Twitter. 

About AdsWizz

AdsWizz is the company that created innovative technology that gave rise to the digital audio advertising ecosystem. In basic terms, it is a monetization solution for music platforms, broadcasting groups, and podcasts all over the world. The solution connects sellers and buyers for podcast and digital audio advertising. Their headquarter is located in California, with their technological hub in Romania. 

What happened?


Well, in a nutshell, SoundCloud and AdsWizz are now partners. On January 19, 2021, Soundcloud announced that they signed an agreement to sell audio advertisements in 14 major European countries. “During the global pandemic, the growth of audio listening has accelerated worldwide,” stated the Senior Vice President of AdsWizz, Pierre Naggar. “As digital audio becomes ubiquitous, advertisers are looking for ways to reach listening audiences at scale with precise targeting and measurable results. Additionally, premium publishers like SoundCloud are looking to integrate an ad solution to support their free services while maintaining a positive listening experience. This agreement between AdsWizz and SoundCloud delivers both of those needs through an advanced, yet accessible platform.” 

What Does This Mean for Independent Musicians?

The AdsWizz Marketplace has an outreach of over 100 million devices monthly all over the world. In addition, audio buyers have the capacity of reaching listeners all over the globe in new, various targeting ways, such as language, geo, device type, genre, points of interest, behavioral segments, demographics, and much more. 

AdsWizz could be viewed as a marketplace that provides advertisers an opportunity to reach much larger audiences with precise targeting. This means that independent musicians will have a much more extensive outreach thanks to AdsWizz than before. This could implicate a plethora of implications for musicians since their music will be targeted with much higher precision for the masses to stream and enjoy. Using SoundCloud, you will automatically gain from this initiative by the AdsWizz marketplace. Perhaps that is the key for you to reach the world that you beforehand did not possess. The agreement is fresh, and there will be many new announcements and information following this significant deal for SoundCloud, AdsWizz, and independent Musicians. 

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