Play MPE, the go-to digital music distribution for musicians, is now breaching out of the ordinary and hitting the Latin music market. 

The company was established in 2003 and is known for being active in North America, Europe, and Australia, and it recently added the booming Latin market to its list.

No need to scratch your head and think about the possible reasons behind it. It is just natural since the Latin music culture is gaining enormous fame and popularity worldwide. 

Play MPE’s decision might prove to be a win-win situation for both parties. Since the company will yield millions of dollars in profits, Latin artists will also be assisted throughout their music promotion journey, along with essential tips and tricks. Undoubtedly, if rising Latin artists and Play MPE team-up, they will easily reach global audiences.

Now that we have announced the news, it is time to examine the sudden boom behind the popularity of Latin music. 

This rise did not happen overnight; it all goes back to 2016-2017 when 19 Latin songs hit the Hot 100 instead of the usual 4. One of which was Bad Bunny’s debut album “El Conejo Malo.” Believe it or not, former president Donald Trump’s discriminatory policies against the Latino community also played a crucial role in this skyrocketing fame. As a matter of fact, the community in the States started harnessing their culture including their music. 

Although you might argue that before Bad Bunny and Karol G, there were other famous artists like Shakira and Enrique, well, yes there were, but as Tomas Cookman stated, “there have never been as many as there are now with success in other countries.” 

These artists are now incorporated into American society by their countless collaborations with American stars, their epic performances on American shows, and their partnerships with American brands, which was not the case before. 

The Reggaeton Latin Pop genre was quickly turned into a million dollars opportunity with songs like “Despacito,” “Bailando,” and “I like It” becoming popular across every nation. Hence, it is safe to say that Reggaeton’s danceable tunes united music enthusiasts internationally. A-list artists like Justin Bieber, Cardi B, Beyoncé, Drake, among others’ collaborations with Latin artists played a crucial factor as well.

Finally, let us not forget that thanks to technological advancements, you are no longer bound by a single genre. You could open the web and browse the genre of your style, regardless of physical proximities. 

Globalization has brought up a massive cultural exchange not only in music, but almost in every field. 

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