In every city around the world, live performances play a major role in the community’s artistic and music scene. For decades, venue managers have struggled with booking the perfect artists to perform, because of a lack of communication between the bookers and the available artists. The Australian-developed start-up Muso is about to change it all for the better as they have developed an application that is tailored to connect the most suitable artists with bookers easier than ever.

What is Muso? It’s an application where artists create a digital profile and include their digital EPK, allowing the potential bookers to see their previous performances, who they’ve collaborated with, their portfolio, and every information they need before booking an artist. After viewing the best candidate, venues can make offers to the artists via the application and they can make their deal through Muso automatically.

This innovative application has been around since 2017 as Muso has already helped thousands of artists get booked worldwide. Muso will be key in connecting artists with their rightful bookers, benefiting all parties involved to get the best experience possible for the audiences.