For everyone, especially independent musicians, the last two years have been a period of uncertainty and stagnation. While concerts and album releases stalled, the music business shifted radically in response to the turmoil of a worldwide epidemic.

It remains to be seen if these changes are permanent, but one thing is certain: music will be returning in a major manner in 2022. Tours are resuming, releases are increasing, and artists are beginning to relaunch their careers. That means it’s time to not just sell your music again, but to rethink your marketing strategy as the globe changes to the new normal.

Are you ready to re-release your music? We’ve created this checklist to assist you keep track of the tasks you need to take to resume selling your music in 2022:

#1 Update Your Bio

Update your bio with some fresh information. Perhaps you published music during the epidemic, ran a webcast, or devised another inventive method to engage your followers electronically.

#2 Refresh Your Website

There’s no need to start from scratch with your website. But just add some new content, rearrange some things, and give the sense that new things are in the works and that you haven’t vanished off the face of the Earth.

#3 Take New Artist Photos

You’ve probably changed since the last time you took artist shots, so update your image to reflect your current appearance.

#4 Audit Your Social Media Presence

Update your social media profiles’ header photos and logos. Check that the links on those profiles are likewise up to date.

#5 Reassess Your Social Media Usage

If you haven’t noticed much activity on a certain social media network, don’t be scared to abandon it in favor of places where your followers are active. Your target audience might even be on a separate social media network.

#6 Keep Track Of The Numbers

It’s always a good idea to look at your statistics to see what’s going on and what’s engaging with your audience. Analytics may help you identify possibilities to advance your career and broaden your reach. Success might be taking place in places you aren’t aware of.

#7 Maximize Revenue Opportunities

In an increasingly digitized music market, e-commerce is more crucial than ever. This might be a zip file containing a selection of music, a PDF download of sheet music, or actual merchandise like buttons, caps, pint glasses, and any other unique goods that your followers might be interested in. 

#8 Stock Up On Merch

Take stock of your merch inventory before stepping back out to play events or selling online. There are several alternatives to buying a bunch of various sizes and having boxes of XS and XXL clothes lying around your house. Examine your merchandise alternatives and make wise purchases when purchasing bundles.

#9 Update Your Ad Strategy

If you’ve got some performances booked, or even simply more activity planned, consider employing advertising to boost your music career. There are excellent ad platforms that may assist you in targeting and reaching music enthusiasts through advertisements on social media or on music websites they visit.

#10 Redefine “Content”

Social media platforms are evolving at a rapid pace these days. Existing platforms alter their features and restrictions, dictating trends on those platforms. What worked in the past on a platform may no longer function. And because new platforms emerge so frequently, what you’re attempting to accomplish on one may be achievable another.

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