Music merch is as popular as never before. They, indeed, are the primary source of artists’ income. In one of our recent articles called Learn to Organize a Music Merch(not yet posted), we discussed the steps you have to take as an artist to succeed in organizing a merch. In this article, MusicPromToday will help you figure out the best items suitable for your merch as some merchandised items have the benefit of bringing long-term profit and go far beyond being just an immediate profit provider. Those items can even become a strong bone for your marketing campaigns in general. 


Whenever thinking about music merch or merch in general, the first items that come to mind are those related to clothing. People are especially used to thinking about t-Shirts, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts. There is no band or artist that does not have a t-shirt “culture,” and if they don’t, can we even be serious about them? 

Merch t-shirts unify people under the same idea, the same taste, and let’s be honest, seeing someone with your favorite artist’s/band’s t-shirt always feels like finding a soulmate or your lost sibling at least. Thus, because of putting deeper meaning behind wearing a t-shirt with a certain logo on it, people pay much attention to the details. 

Make sure your merch t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts all have decent quality and pay special attention to logo design along with its appearance on the fabric. Be determined about the quality you want and concentrate on the details. 

Tote Bag

In 2020 when the world is so concentrated on shortening plastic usage, nearly everyone owns a tote bag or intends to buy one. So with plastic bags being banned worldwide for good, including a tote bag that has a raising market demand is a must. It carries the same emotionality as t-shirts and other clothing pieces, and is as essential to the buyer as they are for artists. Consider paying the same amount of attention to the fabric and design quality of the tote bags as you pay to t-shirts’ production. 

Hats, Caps, and Beanies

Seeing people with bandanas during any concert or festival is so common that you probably never even concentrated on it. However, you have to calculate how much benefit each item will bring to you in your marketing campaign and the right merch to succeed. Thus when starting a merch, unlike bandanas, not so many people wear hats and caps. Still, there is always a positive side to nearly everything. You can be more creative and bold with the hat ideas, sell them, analyze the results, and maybe even come up with something new for a t-shirt or other clothing piece ideas for the next merch. 

Low-Cost Items

Those are the items that will bring you the most sales. As they do not cost much, people will not think twice before buying them. Such items are stickers, patches, guitar picks, posters, keyrings, and wallpapers from the tangible edition; non-tangible ones may include digital wallpapers and ringtones. Most of them are an oldie but goldies. People do not have to need those items to buy them. They do it out of habit and nostalgia, having them is still considered edgy, so give them a try. 

Luxury Items

Unlike the previous category, those items are not the ones capable of promising high sales. However, having them in your merch adds style and quality to it. Obviously, consider to produce a relatively smaller amount of luxury goods but try to have them if possible. This category includes items with more prestigious and expensive elements to them. Those items actually come in two types: vinyl and everything signed. That’s right! Anything from the previous categories will instantly become a luxury item if signed. 

The signature adds a personal touch, and fans all over the world are crazy about it. They feel more connected and closer to their favorite bands and artists; the piece gets more important to them. It transforms from a regular t-shirt, bandana, bag, or a poster into a special talisman symbolizing their hero. 

As for the vinyl, any music enthusiast knows vinyl is the thing to own. It levels up your merch to a completely new level; it soothes the ego. Vinyls have made their comeback, and rapidly became the definition of cool. The possibilities of being creative with them are endless. They make the artist look edgy, and the buyers feel the same way. Touching them, taking them out from their albums is the experience no one is capable of describing, and music enthusiasts crave that feeling; they are ready to pay for it. Plus, the sound of the production appears much more fulfilling and deeper than hearing it digitally. 

All the above-mentioned pieces will be a perfect part of your merch. Consider your budget and decide your priorities. To get more useful information on music marketing, industry trends, and news, stay tuned to MusicPromoToday