Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, recently shared an article that expanded on Instagram search, how it works and in what ways the platform plans to improve the feature. Search is different from the Explore tab in that it uses the searcher’s input to show them results that will be appropriate and interesting to the user. In doing so, Instagram brings up photos and videos that contain the same or similar hashtags, keywords and key phrases in their name, thus helping the user find exactly what they are looking for. 

For artists and creators, it is essential to show up in Search, otherwise potential fans will no longer be engaged. Here are the three tips Adam Mosseri shared in his article that will be helpful to artists wanting to show up in Search results. 

  1. Use a fitting profile name.

“Using an Instagram handle or profile name that’s related to the content of your posts is your best bet for showing up in relevant searches. If your friends or fans know you by a certain name, include that name in your username or profile so that you can show up when they search for you,” he explained.

  1. Use your bio to include keywords and locations.

Use relevant keywords in the bio that immediately tell the user about who you are and possibly where you are if that’s applicable (e.g. local business). This will make it easier to find you in Search.

  1. Apply the same principle for captions. “For a post to be found in Search, put keywords and hashtags in the caption, not the comments,” Mosseri said. 

We hope you find these tips helpful in broadening your following! 
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