5 Great Tips to Make Influencers Want to Promote Your Music 

Saying that something you do is good is not really credible. Whereas, when someone else mentions that they like what you do, more people get interested. Word of mouth works the same way in marketing too. Thus, Influencer Marketing is the trend no one will dare to doubt. It helps spread your content to broader audiences that you may never reach with advertising or PR. 

But it is not easy to find the right way to reach out and get peers who are industry experts within a specific niche interested in your content. The music industry is not an exception. You have to find the perfect balance of hacky, moderate, reasonable, and effective communication. 

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As for now, we’re going to share with you 5 practical tips to make influencers crave promoting your music. 

1.The Core of Influencer Marketing Lies in Building a Solid Relationship to Ensure Mutual Value Creation. -Dr. Kostanze Alex Brown

The quote above from Dr. Brown, a specialist in social influencer relations, is always relevant for three-way communication. It has to be applied to Influencer -Artist, Influencer-Audience, Artist-Audience relationships to get the desired results. 

In this case, we’re interested in the Artist-Influencer relationship. Remember that trust is the key. You have to create a win-win situation where every party gets what they want. The sustainable and fruitful relationship has to have mutually beneficial conditions. It is the foundation of a successful communication between you and the influencer.

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2.Money Makes the World Go’ Round 

Whether you like it or not, money always made the world go ’round. So you better play the marketing game with this in mind. After all, even the goal of music promotion or at least one of the goals is getting money out of it. 

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You might have this common misunderstanding that people start YouTube channels or Instagram just to get famous or find a community. All of that is important, but influencers have to get decent paychecks to get on board. Also, just to make sure you know: a huge audience does not mean huge income. So consider discussing financial aspects right away, when you start the communication. 

3.Make it All About Them and Their People

While trying to make influencers want to promote your music, your mission is to come into their world as their hero, who will help them create/share value for their audience. The most important thing for influencers besides themselves is their following base. Your product, in this case, music has to help them entertain their audience. Thus, consider doing proper research on the audience before reaching out to an influencer. 

For instance, if you’re making hip hop music and the influencer channel is all about pop music, maybe you have to reconsider your choice. Here is an example of an influencer who makes content on hip hop artists, their life, mysteries surrounding their deaths, or controversial past, etc. He promotes new YouTube hip-hop artists during his videos and gives value proper to his audience. 

Remember: communicate to them that the collaboration is all about them and their audience.

4.Do the Dip Dive 

Research, research, and again good old research. Before reaching the influencers, remember to do your research. Spend time to check out their websites, social media accounts, find out what they are into, how they are currently monetizing their brand. All of that information will help you stand out from everybody else appearing in their inboxes. 

Doing the dip dive will help you not only ] communicate your offer properly but also be sure about your choice. The result will be your music reaching a new audience. 

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5.That Quote About Great Minds is Relevant 

Great minds do not only think alike, but they also care about the same things. Make yourself relatable. Of course, your music has to be relevant to the influencers’ audience for them to promote you, but it is not enough. Your music represents you, and you represent your music, so as an artist, you also need to be relatable. 

Sometimes the best way to stand out for influencers to be interested in you is to make the conversation more personal. Music and art, in general, give perfect opportunities for that. Use them. 

Aaron Bogucki, VP of Digital Marketing at AWAL, thinks: “Influencer marketing is like a new form of native advertising. The wrong way to do it is just to see a bunch of followers and say, ‘Oh, I’ll spend £5,000 to reach that audience.’ It has to integrate into what the influencer is actually known for. You have to think about your artist’s story, the music they make, the audience they’re trying to reach, and what they care about and match that with the influencer’s approach to content and engagement.

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