After Apple made its announcement of the new IOS 16 updates, music lovers were eager to see what Apple Music will look like after the release of the new software. Despite the lack of mention in the recent WWDC keynote, we managed to accumulate the most prominent changes in this article.

Lock Screen Player

The first change users will notice as they restart back from their updates is the new lock screen player look. Instead of being in the middle per usual, the player is now placed on the bottom half of the screen. This new feature is part of Apple’s focus on making features as non-hectic as possible. Another feature is expanding the album or playlist without having to go to the application when wanting to change the song. 

Favorite Artists

The second big change is the ability to add Favorite Artists to a playlist and information for the software, which will generate better recommendations for the users. This new feature will have an activity on notifying the users when their favorite artists release music while recommending other music that goes parallel with their chosen musician. 

Playlist Sorting

This new feature might be one of the most important features that the public has been demanding for years. Apple Music has finally introduced customizable sorting in every playlist. Before, whenever a song was added, it would be stuck at last place. Now, users can freely choose where their song lies within the playlist for better segues between each song.