Grimes, renowned for her avant-garde approach to both music and art, has recently unveiled, a groundbreaking AI project that transforms the landscape of music management, distribution, and marketing. The project allows users to produce songs using the Canadian musician’s voice and offers a 50% share in the master recording royalties as compensation.

The singer-songwriter and record producer collaborated with CreateSafe, a design and development studio based in Los Angeles, to launch her project. Known for its previous work with top-tier artists like Lady Gaga, DJ Snake, and Peter Gabriel, the system has aided in the creation of, a prototype white label for its Triniti platform that uses AI to transform user-generated vocals into Grimes’ unique voiceprint, known as GrimesAI-1.

Creators who possess the legal rights to all components of their distributed recording, excluding the GrimesAI-1 voiceprint, can access the voiceprint. Fans and creators alike can submit pre-recorded acapellas or record their own set of vocals, which will then be converted into a WAV file and can be integrated into new sound recordings. Ownership of these recordings will remain with the creators, as Grimes has no claim to ownership of the sound recording or underlying composition, except in cases where the recording is a cover of one of her songs.

In case the creators opt to distribute their songs utilizing the GrimesAI-1 voiceprint via Grimes’ team, they will be requested to share an equal percentage of the master recording royalties that are distributed on streaming services, on-chain marketplaces, and other DSPs. People who choose to upload their tracks on digital streaming platforms will have royalties collected from all DSPs and paid out by If creators wish to receive on-chain sales and royalties, they must include GrimesAI.eth wallet to the collection when minting.

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