Discord is growing in popularity with millions of active users and thousands of engaging communities. Whether you are an artist, a creative, or just an average user, why not make your profile shine brightly among others? In this article we share several quick tips on how to make your profile look better!

Discord profiles have three major sections you should pay close attention to: Avatar, Banner, and Bio. 

Your avatar can be pretty much anything so think about what truly represents you. In Discord, you are not limited to a photograph of yourself. You can add your own art, a logo, a character you like, a picture with a filter – the sky’s the limit. The visuals are a language of their own that help others recognize you.

Whenever anyone clicks on your profile, they will see your banner. Think about the colors and the theme you wish to incorporate. Maybe you want it to be similar to your avatar or maybe you want it to be completely different. Again, visuals are very important so give it a good thought!

The next important thing is your bio. This is where you get to describe yourself and show your community who you are and what you do as well as your interests and hobbies. Aim for a short phrase or sentence that clearly expresses your thoughts. You are free to choose a fun fact, a meme, a song reference, emojis or anything else that crosses your mind. 

Spend half an hour brainstorming some ideas and then go and create! We hope you found this article helpful!

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