In this article, MusicPromoToday will get you through the multiple ways of getting help and support both for free and paid, for artists and musicians.

First of all, you have to realize that you won’t be able to achieve any success if you continue to work several fronts all by yourself. There can be so many things on your way that can stop you or just take your precious time, that may seem, let say, not requiring your whole attention fully but are of very great importance.

You may be thinking:
1. You can’t afford to pay someone to help you
2. You don’t want to give up control

In case those thoughts are spinning in your mind, put them away and read on. However, before diving deep into this article you can check Music Marketing Strategies That Are Still Relevant in 2020. It will help you learn the basics of planning a strategy.

The Guides

1- Your first step should be figuring out which weight to shed from your shoulders. Is it the managing of your Instagram page or PR & Marketing? Or maybe, you need someone to help you file papers and organize your merchandise?

2- The second step is pretending that you are posting this as a job description for your perfect assistant. You have to write down and include almost everything, any important detail and make sure you are comprehensible because you are going to post it.

3- The third step is the most crucial. Before even thinking about an assistant you have to take from your precious time and write a “How To” guide for your future workers. You have to be as clear as possible. You have to explain it exactly the way you want things to get done, so you bypass unpleasant surprises.

4- And the fourth step is to always keep them accountable. You need to inspect and comment on their completed delegated actions. Getting Help FOR FREE

The best workers who besides all, will do it with gratitude are the students. There are a bunch of websites where you can post as an employer or a record label and ask for PR and marketing. You have to offer college credits only. You will be surprised by the number of people who need credit for school and are turning to these sites to find interesting internships.

You can also try your luck at the local colleges or universities and look for classes on PR, marketing, and online strategy. You can connect directly with the professor and offer his class an opportunity to come up with “marketing plans” and “publicity plans”. This is a rare time when all the sides are winning. You may get many brilliant ideas that may boost up your career as a musician and the students are getting a chance to work for a real artist. Of course, before putting any strategy into action you need to test it and collect data for making the necessary changes. The Art of Data in Musical Warfare will help you with the basics of data collections and analysis.

You can also find the right candidates in film schools. Their students will be delighted to take pictures of you or your band. To be present in the studio and observe the way you work or just take apart at your concerts and backstage.

Production schools are not far behind as the students who are studying or interested in audio production may also find collaboration with you an interesting opportunity.

Another great option is motivating your super fans to help their favorite band. Ask your mailing list if anyone on it is willing to take part in their favorite band’s prosperity process. In exchange, you can offer them free tickets, t-shirts or something like that.

Paid Services

You do get what you pay for but this doesn’t mean that it has to break your bank. Everything must be balanced, in case you decide to spend some money and you have to choose the best possible options.

Among the best options is Upwork and Task Rabbit. Both sites are fabulous places for people who are trying to choose the best option from a list of service providers of all types. There are tons of categories, and you will find almost anything you need – graphic designers, copy editors, office assistants, writers, virtual assistants, etc.

Just make sure you check each potential employees’ reviews and only use providers that get fabulous reviews and high ratings from users to avoid any disappointments.

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