Subscribers of Apple Music have been longing for a collaboration between their favorite streaming platform and Mix giants like Boiler Room, Tomorrowland, Mixmag and none other than Cercle. 

The niche streaming company is looking to expand their catalogs with more techno music based on a popular feature on a partnering platform. Many users have been searching for a specific song on a particular DJ Mix via Shazam, where their catalog is connected to the Apple Music collection. 

To have official access to the ever growing demand for DJ Mixes, Apple Music has partnered with the likes of Boiler Room, Tomorrowland, Circle, Mixmag and !K7. The latter label will allow the launching of their popular 90’s series, called DJ-Kicks, to be out for the first time in decades.

Now Apple Music subscribers will finally be able to freely locate a song from a Mix and they’ll be able to listen to that song anytime they want. A feature every techno fan has been waiting for, Apple Music has once again listened to the demand of their users and adapted their technology accordingly. 

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