Music publishers have been going on a rather extravagant spending binge in recent years, acquiring the catalogs and copyrights for songs of famous musicians at a furious speed. Universal Music Publishing Group bought Bob Dylan’s entire discography in a transaction estimated to convey more than $300 million.

With all this money exchanges, one songwriting startup has taken things into their own hands to move music royalties to the everyman. Alex Mitchell, co-founder and CEO of Boomy told Engadget, said “It started with a recognition that most people are going to be left out of that and it caused us to have a conversation about equity in the music industry, ‘how do we fairly remunerate artists, what’s the role of labels,’ there’s just chaos happening in the music industry right now.”

Mitchell understood that the main barrier preventing amateur musicians from becoming published musicians is technological. Setting up a home recording studio and learning how to operate the control schemes of professional-grade DAWs is no walk in the part.

With the help of an AI-based co-writer to manage the complex technical load, just as Tik Tok and Instagram did for those creators, things can definitely become easier.

Mitchell continues to say, “We really started looking at what it takes to draw creativity out of somebody, what kind of tool can you put in their hands — where there’s so much of the process that’s semi- or fully-automated — that they can just add their own layer of humanity to it.” Creating Boomy.

The web-based app is a one-button music studio. Users can create completely original songs in 5 to 10 minutes just by clicking Create Song from the homepage. They get to select the desired style of beat and then fiddle with the production and mix. The song can be uploaded to any of 40-plus streaming and social platforms, giving the song’s author royalties based on the number of times their song is played.

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