If you are a rising artist who wants to be recognized by their fans, then you have come to the right place. 

Focus and start taking notes. Ready? Let’s dive in.

First thing first, Public Relations is the artist’s deputy, where they accompany the artist through her/his journey. The sole purpose of PR is to polish the public image of the artist. 

Artists usually hire PR companies from the beginning of their musical journey. The company, in its turn, should plan strategies on how to release a new project or a collaboration, or even a tour. It is also the bridge between the artist and the media, as it is expected to be in contact with the media channels constantly. 

With good PR, artists can shine bright and break charts.

You could detect if your PR team is doing a good job or not by simply looking at the image that they have created for you vs. your work. In other words, if you are a pop star, then the image that your team has created should be in line with the work that you do. 

Wait for a second! We have not finished talking about the wonders that the PR team can do for artists.

One thing to pay close attention to is that before signing a contract with any PR company, it can detect the company’s strengths. Meaning do they usually support rising artists or newbies? Which genre of artists they usually work with? Ask yourself these questions.  

Be sure that the company is up-to-the-minute and is present in the current scene. Imagine working with a team whose last clients were artists from 2000. Before starting any campaign, be sure to estimate the result of your campaign (it is okay if it is a rough estimate). PR companies usually agree with artists on either weekly or monthly reports where they document the progress that they are making. 

Another corny but significant factor before hiring a PR company is to see if you two have chemistry with each other. If you did not like them or failed to click with them, it is better to part ways. Although some artists prefer to go solo with their PR strategy, it is crucial to give a heads up that the process could be bumpy and hard. It is advisable to hire professionals in the field to get the job done for you because you would not juggle all the things together. 

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