By now, you have probably heard the term “SEO” a gazillion times. However, what is it exactly? And how can you benefit from it?

Stop the panic! Music Promo Today collected all the necessary information to suffice you in the SEO game.

What Is “SEO”:

Search Engine Optimization, short for SEO, is used by anyone to improve their online ranking. With SEO, you can explore ways to increase visibility in the search results. 

Just like many optimization techniques, a search engine consists of algorithms, and SEO helps you to understand the basics of how algorithms work. 

Let us run this thought experiment together. Assuming you google and search the name “Ariana,” and the first thing that will pop-up is Ariana Grande, right? Well, that is because of good SEO. 

How you can Improve Your Ranking through the usage of SEO:

  • Publish Content: 

The first and the most important way to step up your visibility is to create content constantly. This could be either through blogging or website articles, or even social media content. Make your starting paragraph catchy and easy to read. Also, pay attention to the format that the articles are being written. Meaning, H1 is encouraged to be in Bold

While kicking off your music journey, keep in mind about investing some cash in content writing because SEO is the game-changer. 

  • Keywords:

People usually underestimate keywords’ power, but industry-related words will surely get you ahead in the game. For instance, if you refer to an artist in your articles, then make sure to mention the full name and embed it in his/her socials. Instead of saying the recent album “Justice,” said Justin Bieber’s latest album “Justice.” Also, be sure to include call-to-action phrases like “click here” or “visit” because the call to action has the power of persuading people of the goal that you want them to perform. In your case, it is website traffic. 

  • Optimize Your Site:

Make sure that your website is user-friendly. Meaning, it does not take too much time to load, or it does not only work on mobile or only on desktops.

It has been reported that 51% of website visits are on smartphones, but usually, desktop users are the ones that convert. 

  • Pay Attention To Your Indexing: 

Search Engine Indexing is used to find the relevant result. Without indexing, the search engine would spend much time scanning every result, not mentioning the amount of computing energy that will consume.

Too much info, right? Well, what you need to know is to keep an eye on your indexing. To do so, you can search for “” or use the search console for selecting “Index Status.” By doing so, you will instantly know if Google is aware of your sites or not.

  • Mention Your Contact Information:

Your contact information should be crystal clear on your website. Be sure to include your phone number, email, location, and website (if any). 

Never be one of those businesses that frustrate their customers to reach them because they have not shared the location digitally.

Final Tips:

We can spend the night talking about the role of SEO and how to use it; however, we have covered the vital aspects of SEO usage.

In a nutshell, remember that you should not stop pushing yourself even if you have everything done. You are expected to constantly publish fresh content, as google search works on suggesting the relevant ones. So keep it fresh, updated, and new. 

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Happy learning!