Blogging became one of the most popular digital media trends since blogs were first invented. Most media experts agree that the first blog was, created in 1994 by the then-student Justin Hall to publish his writings. Initially, blogs were mostly used for writing diary-style entries. They were perfect for those interested in writing, photography, and other media types, giving them an opportunity to self-publish online. Nowadays, blogs are incorporated into websites and are inseparable parts of small and big businesses. They are considered one of the best tools for promotion. 

Since 1999 over 600 million blogs and blog communities have been created out of the 1.7 billion websites. Blog posts continue to be the most popular content format. More than eight out of every ten content marketers produce blog posts to achieve their overall marketing goals. As blogging spreads like wildfire in the digital marketing industry, many tools have been being created to make the task easier for bloggers. 

Blogs are also a massive part of the music marketing business. You can read about the best music promotion tips in Deck the Halls with Music Marketing Tips to understand how you can incorporate blogs into your marketing strategy. Music bogs are perfect for new artists trying to get fame and popularity. Blogs are also a great tool for music lovers to be updated on hot news, fresh faces, and the music industry’s latest events. Below, we listed the 10 music blogs we confidently recommend to you if you are passionate about the music world or want to promote yourself. 

1. Pitchfork

Pitchfork is a great source for indie rock, hip-hop, electronic, pop, metal, and experimental music fans. It is the web’s most popular music resource with daily coverage. 

2.Channel Wavy

Being relatively new to the blogging game, Channel Wavy aims to bring audiences the waviest sounds of tomorrow from London and worldwide, with a special focus on independent and unsigned artists. 

3. Consequence of Sound

Already a veteran in the music blogging industry, Consequence of Sound, also known as CoS, has reported on all of music’s breaking news since its inception in 2007. The blog also hypes new artists and cracks highly anticipated lineups for music festivals across the globe.

4.Crack In The Road

Yet another veteran to the music blogging scene, Crack In The Road, established in 2010 by a group of young, good looking, modest kids as written on their webpage, promotes new artists and singer-songwriters. The UK based blog is also famous for organizing events on both sides of the Atlantic.

5.Metal Injection

As the blog’s name suggests, Metal Injection is for those enthusiastic about metal music and its sub-genres. Here you can find everything metal-related from the release of new songs, info on new bands and artists, and of course the latest news in the metal scene. 

6.Music Gateway

Music Gateway will help you enhance your music industry career. Through this blog, you will get music industry jobs, music cloud storage, music news, and info on record labels.

As you could guess from its name, is a music blog dedicated exclusively to EDM. The blog is considered to be the definitive voice of modern electronic music. As the blog claims, their mission is to: “inspire and inform members of our community and the general public by providing balanced coverage of the worldwide EDM movement.”

8.Song Exploder

This blog comes in the form of a podcast where musicians tell the stories behind their songs and explain their creation process. Each episode of Song Exploder is produced and edited by the host and creator Hrishikesh Hirway in Los Angeles.


Rap-Up is the oldest blog on our list and probably the most famous one too. Initially a hip-hop and R&B magazine, Rap-Up was founded in 2001. Already in 2007, the site received a nomination for Best Hip-Hop Magazine Site at VH1 Hip-Hop Honors. 


Think of Reddit but make it musicaland you get r/Music. The musical subreddit is dedicated to everything musical. In this blog, you can find anything music-related, from the big sensational news to the smallest updates you can’t find anywhere else. It has the same format as Reddit, allowing you to participate or just read different discussions on new albums, share new releases, or have nostalgic trips with old songs. r/Music is one of the most significant community-based collectives of music lovers. 

And finally, last but certainly not least, we recommend you a bonus blog to always stay tuned to: the MusicPromoToday blog, our personal favorite. It is a reliable source that will always keep you updated on the latest music industry news, genius marketing tips and tricks, and will simply make your life easier and more fun.  

Blogs became an important part of our online life, so make sure to choose them wisely to always get the most credible sources out there.